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Script Planner
With Script Planner you can schedule your script on a specific date and time. Searching how to activate scripts on a specific day or a selection of day(s) and timeframe?  We present you …



Script Planner Premium Plugin (wordpress edition). With Script Planner plugin you can time your script related software on single and multiple pages at a day and time of your choice. Commercial rights included.

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  • 1 Edition of the Script Planner Plugin
  • Premium Edition
  • WordPress compatible.
  • Downloadable version.
  • Commercial Rights Included.
  • Unlimited Usage.
  • Allowed to Resell to your clients.
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Why Choose Script Planner ?

If you or your client are using scripts on their websites and you want to get the scripts activated on a specific page(s) or at a specific time, then you need script planner !

Script Planner is an easy to use wordpress plugin that will plan your script.

Online chats or similar scripts can be annoying when they are not being used.
Do you need them to be active 24/7 ?

Maybe some scripts need to be active only on specific pages, or at a specific date.

That is why we created script planner.

Script Planner plugin provides a variety of options so you can plan your script on the page(s) or post(s) when and where you choose to have the script activated

Stop waisting time on developers or countless hours trying it yourself. Get more conversion and stop losing sales and say yes to your clients and customers !

With Script Planner you can plan your scripts anytime and anywhere !

Script Planner

premium wordpress plugin

With Script Planner Premium Plugin you are able to plan or schedule scripts on single page or multiple pages, at a time and day(s) or specific calender date  of your choice.










Create a new script or use an existing script.


Change the script settings to your demands.


Simply enable the script when and where you want !


We created Script Planner Premium WordPress Plugin as a solution to the growing demand of having scripts enabled at a certain place and time.

Imagine you or your client are using software that is implegmented using scripts or script based and are having issues using these scripts on a specific page, pages and/or at at specific day and time?  That could mean you have to hire an developer.

Not anymore with our Scrip Planner Premium wordpress plugin!

Using Script Planner Premium Plugin it will be very easy to achieve such goals and will convince your clients to use the services that you provide to them.

Script Planner can be uploaded to your wordpress installation just like any other wordpress plugin. Then simply activate it.

We have included a tutorial and demo scripts !

In combinations with the Features of the Script Planner plugin we have included a easy tutorial and demo script how the script planner plugin works.

Now you can concentrate on serving your clients and closing more sales with the Script Planner plugin!

Commercial rights are included in your purchase !, so resell the script planner plugin to your clients and keep the profit ! 🙂


Yes very easy. In a few simple steps you can create a script. A video tutorial and several demo scripts are included in your purchase.

We would like to hear from you regarding our script planner plugin. Feel free to contact us and share your ideas and comments so we could share your comments and update the plugin.

You may use the Script Planner plugin for your own and clients websites. And keep your profit if you choose to resell the plugin to your clients. You are not allowed to rebrand or modify the script planner plugin without further notice.

Yes sure we offer support. Please send all of your support questions or quiries to: [email protected].