Script Planner
Script Planner allows you to use a single or multiple scripts on a selection of your wordpress page(s) at the timeframe of your choice !


You can use your own script



Choose from our easy settings


Done !

Activate it on your page(s) anytime

Let us explain Script Planner

With Script Planner you can choose to use multiple scripts on one or all of your wordpress pages at anytime !

So get your chat, video or other scripts played only after business hours, weekend or 24/7 on a specific page, for example for a product offer or on multiple pages !

Simply select single, multiple
or all pages of your website.

With Script Planner you can simple select on which pages of your website the script will be activated.

Select the time frame
the script should be active.

You can easily select a specific time frame the script should be active or choose to play it 24/7.

Choose a specific day,
weekend or every day.

Script planner lets you choose by calendar, specific days or all days.

Use on unlimited websites
and resell to cliënts !

You may use Script Planner for your own or cliënts websites and keep your profit.

Script Planner
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    Just Simply Createyour new script!

    In a few simple steps you are able to create a new script. Easily scroll down and adjust the settings and activate the script at a time and page(s) of your choice !

    Or choose one of the done for you scripts!

    We have created a collection of pre made done for you scripts that you can use directly. Or simply adjust the settings and activate your script on your page(s) of your wordpress websites.

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